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Integrative Psychotherapy

Mind-Body Medicine

What is Integrative Psychotherapy?

Integrative psychotherapy is a therapeutic approach based on the newest research regarding mind-body-spirit health and healing.  In a relaxed atmosphere and with a common sense approach, we address the mental, emotional and physical imbalances or upsets that are causing concerns and stresses.  I use an in-depth somatic and cognitive psychotherapeutic approach, which includes using a variety of modalities, some of which are: interactive dialogue, breathwork, regression, exercise, food/mood micro-nutrition guidance and more. The result is gaining a relaxed, confident and healthy body/mind. My philosophy of healing is that I meet you just where you are, putting all psychological theories aside, see you (not a diagnosis), and listen with both my heart and my knowledge to your concerns.  I support you to be:  
                empowered through awareness, 
                safe to explore what may be difficult for you,
                conscious of what might still be unconscious,
                aware of the strengths you have that will help you overcome                       the issues that might be holding you back and
                resolved of uncomfortable or even debilitating emotions.

Integrative psychotherapy is sometimes referred to as "holistic" psychotherapy, where the individual is understood to be a synergistic whole, not merely a psyche.  I also use a "functional" approach, such as with Functional Medicine, that seeks to heal the root cause of a problem rather than suppress the symptoms.  The result is a complete correction or healing.

How does it help?

Integrative Psychotherapy, with it's multi-level approach, brings about physical and mental/emotional change much more effectively and quickly than strictly talk therapy. Bringing brain chemistry into balance helps relieve the mental/emotional distress brought on by environmental stressers, such as poor nutrition, stressful situations and mental and physical toxicity.  Many people are unaware of how strongly environmental issues effect our mental/emotional experiences. Alleviating unresolved mental/emotional issues (that produce a cascade of biochemicals) will also help bring brain chemistry into balance. You have the opportunity to be guided to the very center of your Self where you can learn what is needed for the resolution of inner upset and develop true inner peace. You will find your self exchanging defenses and worries for self-trust and confidence and transforming illness, depression and anxiety into health, peace and happiness. Whatever issues you want to address, this integrative approach will support you to reach your goals quickly -- no need for years in therapy.

Using this effective, natural approach enables you to avoid, reduce or eliminate the need for psychopharmaceuticals. 

Who does it help?

If you are challenged with a physical illness (critical, acute or chronic), if you are having difficulty with a relationship (intimate / parent-child / friend / employer-employee / non-traditional and gay/lesbian), if you are feeling anxious or depressed, if you are having difficulty making decisions, if you have trouble with your relationship to food - including starve-binge, emotional eating and eating disorders (and also including metabolic, hormonal or weight imbalances), if you've experienced childhood trauma or abuses, if you need support about how to parent, if you procrastinate, if you want to overcome compulsive behavior, if you want to be more confident and self-loving, or if you are taking on the challenges of leadership, Integrative Psychotherapy enables you to develop the conscious awareness and inner strength needed to create the changes you want.

Integrative Psychotherapy focuses on and supports the strength of the human mind/body/spirit.  It assists you in learning from... and then transforming, whatever is holding you back from the life and health you want and deserve to experience. 
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