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​Carole J. Morton, MFT

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Carole J. Morton

I am a licensed psychotherapist (MFT#42677) and a Doctoral and PhD candidate in Integrative & Natural Medicine.  
​I also hold both a Masters in Speech (Human) Communication and a Masters in Clinical Psychology. In 2008 I joined the faculty at the Western Institute for Social Research in Berkeley, a masters level, multi-culturally focused, clinical psychology program.  I am also a certified Coach with Metabolic Balance, Inc. Metabolic Balance is an individualized program for naturally balancing one's metabolic system, aiding in the repair and reduction of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, Hashimoto's and other thyroid imbalances, under or over weight issues, Lupus, inflammatory conditions, depression and anxiety. Based on 36 different blood values, it is a strictly food-based program.


I’ve worked as a holistic counselor since 1984 and as a psychotherapist since 2001. In addition to my University deg rees, I have certifications and trainings in the following therapeutic modalities: Lifestyle Medicine, Hypnosis, Hakomi Trauma Recovery, Holotropic & Birth Trauma Regression Breathwork, Mind-Body Medicine, Food As Medicine, Micronutrients for Mental Health, Nutritional Educator, Gestalt Therapy, Focusing, Medical Guided Imagery, Inter- and Intra- Personal Mediation, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Regression Therapy and Gottman Relationship Therapy.

Along with my private practice I've counseled patients at the Health & Healing Clinic, an integrative medical clinic of the California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco under psychiatrist, Dr. Elisabeth Targ.  I also treated individuals and served as the group counselor at the AIDS Alternative Healing Program, Quan Yin Acupuncture Clinic, San Francisco, during the AIDS crisis.

I have studied with world-renowned thought leaders in the fields of psychology, spirituality, somatics and nutrition and have had the privilege of working alongside several advanced thinking medical doctors and health professionals: O. Carl Simonton, MD (Psycho-Social Medicine), Gerald Jampolsky, MD (Attitudinal Healing), William Emerson, PhD (Regressive Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy), James Gordon, MD (The Center for Mind/Body Medicine), Mark Hyman, MD (Functional Medicine), Elisabeth Targ, MD (Mind/Body/Spirit Healing), Jeanne Achterberg (Medical Guided Imagery), Brian Weiss, MD (Regression Therapy), Wolf Funfack, MD (Metabolic Balance) and studied Lifestyle Medicine: "Protocols for Stress Management" through Harvard Medical School.  
I am the author of "Entering Your Own Heart: A Guide to Developing Self Love, Inner Peace and Happiness"  
Go to www.EnteringYourOwnHeart.com for a "look inside" and short video.  When purchasing from this site 10% of the proceeds from the sale will go to feeding, clothing and educating disabled and destitute children in Calcutta (Kolkata), India through www.empower-children.org. The book is also available through all other venues).

I came to this field through a sense of compassionate awareness that was living in my heart from as early as I can remember.  
With over 34 years in this field I have gained an understanding that is effective and practical.  There is nothing more rewarding for me than to awaken the power within an individual to become their own best doctor, healer and best friend.