​Carole J. Morton, MFT

        Integrative Psychology

               Mind-Body-Spirit Healing​

Individual Psychotherapy

Be guided through the issues that block and keep you from the life and health you want. You will be offered the most comfortable and empowering therapeutic approaches for strengthening your inner relationship and resolving the issues, conflicts or disturbing emotions you are experiencing. 

Therapeutic approaches that can be employed include Somatic Psychotherapy, Breathwork, Nutritional Guidance and Micro-nutrition, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Humanistic Therapy, Sensorimotor Trauma Recovery, Guided Imagery, Regressive Therapy, Communication Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Focusing Therapy, Past Life Therapy and Lifestyle Medicine. 

Balancing the brain’s bio-chemistry and the mind’s thoughts and emotions in a natural way supports the resolution of psychological discomfort and central nervous system disorders such as anxiety disorders, depression, adult ADHD and Bi-Polar Disorder.

Relationship Therapy

All relationships, be they with a significant other or spouse, between parent/child, employee/employer, siblings, friends, and whether traditional or non-traditional, deepen with the exploration and resolution of difficulties.

Relationship counseling provides each participant with an experienced, empathic ear to help you both move beyond the blocks to connection and to mediate conflicts to create win-win situations, as well as to introduce effective communication skills and relationship building techniques.

I strongly believe that if you are experiencing difficulty in any relationship there are many gifts waiting for you by learning how to share and hear each others hearts.

Therapeutic approaches include Imago Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and the Gottman Relationship Therapeutic Process.

Working With Parents

Parenting is a challenging job.  Upset, worry, frustration, anger, fear and feelings of powerlessness often emerge.  My work is to help you find your way through all of the feelings that can arise in your relationship with your child/ren.  Being a good parent requires leadership and teaching skills along with non-judgment, patience and faith.  Our work together will be to uncover and resolve any blocks to being able to provide your child/ren with the best parent they can have.  

Mind-Body Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine

If you are challenged with a chronic or critical illness, or are interested in prevention or improving your health, exploring your relationship with and to your body is paramount. Your willingness to take the steps towards health and healing can be strengthened by releasing blocked emotions and changing inner beliefs and dialogues that may be consciously or unconsciously working to your detriment.  As in any relationship, uncovering the truth and experiencing compassionate understanding leads to both peace, health and healing.

Integrative Psychotherapy offers a path into your internal environment to create both the flow and the calm needed for healing both your body and your mind. Mind-Body Medicine provides techniques tailored for your specific needs along with nutritional guidance and breathwork. Lifestyle Medicine provides behavior modification protocols scientifically proven to aid in healing.  Integrating both eastern and western medicine philosophies supports you in getting in touch with your “inner doctor” and developing a supportive relationship with your body. 

Create both an internal and external healing environment to live a healthy and vibrant life.  Carole is experienced with working collaboratively and will work with your health care team or help you create one.

Breath Therapy

Breath therapy enables you to enter into very deep states of consciousness. “Gentle Breathwork” emphasizes keeping you grounded during the process so that all of your experiences become fully integrated rather than returning to the unconscious. Breath therapy enables you to uncover unconscious memories and experiences that could take years to connect to in traditional talk therapy. Unlike EMDR and hypnosis, breath therapy goes deeper, reaching the physical and spiritual states as well as the mental and emotional states. Breath Therapy is deep and profound work and can be integrated into your therapy to support your therapy goals. Breath Therapy is contraindicated for some individuals with more severe brain imbalances.

Past-Life Regression

Past Life regression, used as a part of psychotherapy, can assist with the resolution of issues that limit one's quality of life.  It does not require a belief in past lives, and is used similarly to dreamwork, as a way to understand the signals of the unconscious. Many clients report that they receive an understanding of their drives and values, and this has given them a greater sense of peace and a greater ability to make new choices.  View my Facebook page on Past Life Regression.

Whole Foods, Micro-Nutrition & Mental Health

It is a scientifically proven fact that the level of nutrition in the brain influences mood, memory, thinking patterns and more severe illnesses such as Bi-Polar Disease, Schizophrenia, Alzheimers, Autism and ADHD.

The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture recently reported that the level of nutrition in the fruits and vegetables consumed by Americans now are 50% less than they were in the 1950’s.  This is the result of agri-business producing food for color and size rather than for nutritional value.  Add that to all the mass produced processed foods that destroy the foods’ nutritional contents and we can see why mental distress and illness is on an alarming upswing in the United States.

Easy changes to how often we eat and what we eat can help make the difference between a happy and healthy life experience and one riddled with unhappiness, moodiness and more severe mental problems.

Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance is an individualized food plan based on 36 different blood values that will assist you in correcting hormonal/metabolic/weight imbalances and will help you reduce or eliminate the need for statin drugs,
thyroid medications or insulin.  Carole is a certified coach for this sophis ticated and effective system based on 20 years of research into nutritional science by internist Dr. Wolf Funfack.  Metabolic Balance has helped over 650,000 people in Europe, and is just arriving in the U.S. This program can be utilized in conjunction with psychotherapy or separately.


I often supervise interns who are working towards their license in Marriage & Family Therapy or in Clinical Social Work.

Appointment Scheduling, Telephone Therapy, & Payment Information

My office is conveniently located in downtown Walnut Creek. The office is wheelchair accessible and free parking is plentiful.

Telephone sessions can be scheduled for individuals with limited mobility or who live too far from Walnut Creek.  For those residing outside of California I provide life coaching.
Therapy sessions are scheduled for one full hour weekly, or can be tailored to your specific needs.
Payment can be made by check, cash or credit card.  For psychotherapy clients, PPO Insurance reimbursement is available.

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The office is conveniently located in downtown 
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